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Audio Recording App| Android | more_vert

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closeAudio Recording App| Android

This is a beautiful Android audio recorder offering a simplistic design and using Google's Material Design Components. The app is built using Android Architectural Components MVVM and live data.

Developed and architected the whole android application. I successfully Implemented the user interface (XML) and Google’s material design components Architected using MVVM architectural components (Android Framework, Java) Developed a media player for the recordings with a responsive UI


NYCGO|Android Application and Server Side | more_vert

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NYCGO is an Android Application that helps people stay healty by rewarding them when they reach a landmark

The Android app has a step counter, a Map to see the landmarks provided with by NYC Open Data

I developed the server side using Tomcat and deployed to AWS, created a MySQL Database on AWS RDB and developed the user authentication in the client side.


8th Puzzle | more_vert

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close8th Puzzle AI

This problem consists on a grid of sliding tiles. Given a defined goal the program generates all possible states the grid can have by sliding the tiles searching for the goal. To solve the problem search the solution at each state that is generated and when it finds the goal it displays the fewer possible number of sliding tiles that takes to reach the goal.

The program implements the following algorithms and heuristics:


  • Manhattan Distance
  • Number of Misplaced Tiles


  • A* Search
  • IDA Search
  • IDA* Search
  • Branch and Bound